Many consumers are recognising it’s time for change – a time to change to Suölo® – tasty seasonings made with sea salt and essential mineral salts that are reduced in sodium.
Suölo® has been developed from an increasing consumer desire for great tasting, but healthy ingredients for home and restaurant cooking.
Our expert team has created a range of tasty seasonings that not only taste good but have reduced sodium. Patented sodium reduction technology from Smart Salt Oy, Finland, has been used to bring a new, great tasting, reduced sodium salt and seasonings to market.
Taste and health are at the heart of the Suölo® brand reflecting the Nordic health philosophy to help the body to find its natural balance.
Suölo® will benefit everyone including high performance athletes or even weekend warriors by providing important electrolytes lost during exercise and improving rehydration time after exercise. Suölo® will be available in a simple-to- use format to add to water or a drink of your choice.
Suölo coming soon in 2021!