Britons Turning to Home-cooking

Britons Turning to Home-cooking

According to research conducted by Tesco for their Food Love Stories campaign, more than 1/5th of Britons are now cooking every meal from scratch compared to just I in 8 before lockdown.  The study included 2,000 adults, half of which have experienced making and using ingredients in their own home cooking during the lockdown period of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It seems as if this change of heart might be here to stay since the figures indicate that 40% of adults enjoy cooking more now than they did before the pandemic and that 89% of them are committed to making food from scratch once the full restrictions are lifted. Tesco launches new Food Love Stories campaign | shots,

This coincides with a couple of other market trends, namely the increase in sales of meal kit deliveries and the reduction in sales volume of ready meals in the UK.

Globally the meal kit delivery service is predicted to rise in value with compound growth of 13% over the next seven years to 2028, from the current value of around 10.26 billion USD. Increasing preference for homemade meals among millennials is expected to be a major factor contributing to the growth of the market. Meal Kit Delivery Services Market Share Report, 2021-2028 (  The UK company, Hello Fresh, for example, are winning customers because they are relieving them of the shopping, preparation and planning time that goes into scratch cooking.

In contrast, and despite 5 years of continuous growth, the ready meals market seem to be losing its touch with shoppers.  The decline has been attributed to pricing sensitivity and the consumer perception of the lack of quality.  According to The Grocer, a survey by Streetbees of 891 consumers found that 35%  were planning to reduce their ready meal consumption this year.  More than half of the consumers are cutting back because they feel the products are too processed The break-up: ready meals category report 2020 | Category Report | The Grocer.

Many consumers are recognising post-pandemic that it’s time for a change to their cooking and eating habits and it is important to many that their ingredients not only taste good but that they provide health benefits. With this in mind, new food development will need to focus on quality, healthy products to win back the love of ready meals to the British public. The break-up: ready meals category report 2020 | Category Report | The Grocer.

The good news is that Suölo® seasonings have been developed from an increasing consumer desire for great tasting, but healthy ingredients which can be used for home and restaurant cooking. An expert team has created a range of tasty seasonings that not only taste good but have 50% reduced sodium. Based on sea salt, which is always a chefs favourite, Suölo® provides the home cook or restaurant chef with perfect seasoning but with 50% less sodium by replacing with the essential minerals potassium and magnesium. 

Balance is the key to many things in life but especially true when it comes to cooking, diet and health. Suölo® uses a balance of sea salt, and naturally occurring mineral salts, spices and seaweed to give you all the flavour you expect from salt, and much more - all with 50% less sodium. 

The product is available in shakers for use in cooking or at the table or in sachets for meal kit delivery or restaurant use. 

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