What people are saying

"Very good quality sea salt. It’s normal salt but slightly better. All the cooking I do will benefit from this sea salt"

(Female 35 London)

"I love that it’s reduced sodium so obviously healthier. Great taste without compromise but healthier"

(Female 35 Birmingham)

"This seems very similar to the regular table salt I often use. I noticed a pure salt flavour"

(Female 36 Bordon)

"It’s not really different from normal sea salt"

(Male 33 Askett) 

"Good balance of saltiness and pepper. It’s perfect, will only need one shaker rather than separate salt and pepper"

(Female 29 Dartford, Kent) 

"I like the mix of saltiness and cracked black pepper. The balance is just right and this would be a versatile product to have at home"

(Female 39 Brackley)

"I really like the pepper flavour release and the strong salty flavour. I’d use it in baking, sprinkled on food, with fish dishes and in casseroles."

(Female 41 Sheffield) 

"Very well balanced salt and pepper flavour"

(Female 62 Edinburgh) 

"I really like the seaweed as a good earthy taste "

(Female 29 Dartford, Kent) 

"The seaweed makes this a really balanced taste. I would use on fish and Chinese dishes"

(Male 38, Birmingham) 

"The rush of saltiness that converts to mellow seaweed flavour is awesome"

(Female 29 Dartford) 

"Quality product, really healthy looking compared to normal salt. The combination of the seaweed and salt are a perfect fit, it gives the food a really subtle salty taste."

(Male 46 Glasgow) 

"Loved this salt, so different. It adds a lovely mild chilli kick to cooking favourite dishes"

(Female 51 ) 

"I really like the look and aroma of this product. I enjoyed the heat of the chilli"

(Female 45, West Kirby) 

"Perfect for brunches to give a little kick in recipes that don’t contain chilli"

(Male 31 Vegetarian Bristol

"It's fantastic to have Suölo as a brand partner, who are using our PureSea seaweed ingredients to provide further great flavour and nutritional benefits to their incredible products."

Dr Craig Rose, Seaweed & Co.

"Looks the same as sea salt, pours the same. I’ll use it where I use sea salt so cooking vegetables, at the table."

(Female 30 St Ives) 

"Visually appealing product with plenty of black pepper in. I like the pepper in it. It had depth of flavour. I used this product to season stake. Perfect for using with red meat"  

(Female 45 West Kirby) 

"Absolutely delightful. Love it."

(Female 55 Liverpool)

"A very clean salt taste"

(Female 36 Hornsea) 

"I really like the pepper flavour release and strong salty flavour. I’d use it with everything"

(Female 41 Sheffield) 

"Love it!"

(Female 41 Gillingham, Kent) 

"Looks like regular fine sea salt. Tastes just like any other sea salt even though it is low sodium" 

(Female 35 Lancashire)

"I like it. Salt and seaweed. What’s not to love"

(Male 32 , London) 

"I like how it blends with the saltiness and the aroma of seaweed"

(Female 35)

"Liked the balance of black pepper, not too overpowering. This would go absolutely perfect with an omelette/scrambled egg."

(Female 35 Sheffield) 

"I will be using this for a long time to come. It’s divine" 

(Male 23 Macclesfield) 

"Just brilliant. Perfect balance between salty and spicy" 

(Male 40 Cambridge) 

"Smells lovely. Reminds me of a favourite from Chinese takeaway" 

(Male 42, Chester Le Street)

"Really love the look of this, it smells really good and texture is 100% better than normal salt. This is perfect for pasta, meat and potatoes"

(Male 46 Glasgow) 

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