Salt and Health

The sea salt in Suölo® products is produced from the solar evaporation of minerals from seawater. Sea salt contains essential sodium and naturally occurring, essential minerals such as potassium and magnesium. When used in combination with Smart Salt® mineral salt technology it is possible to reduce the sodium levels in sea salt by 50% without any changes in it’s salty taste and flavour enhancement properties.

The Benefits of Suölo®

Suölo® also offers you alternative seasonings that contain complementary seaweed or spices which, because of their great taste and seasoning power, can also help you to reduce the amount of salt you add to your dishes.

Why Suölo® is different

Suölo® uses Smart Salt® mineral technology from Finland to reduce sodium whilst maintaining all the other characteristics of table salt or sea salt which means that
Suölo® Reduced Sodium Sea Salt:


The secret to the taste and health benefits of Suölo® products is the balance of ingredients. Few foods provide sufficient magnesium or potassium to balance the sodium from added salt in our diets. One way to change the mineral balance of foods we make at home, eat at restaurants or buy from the supermarket is to use Suölo® Reduced Sodium Sea Salt products.

Our Story

Time to change to Suölo®

Increasingly consumers are looking for simple, but tasty solutions to reduce salt intake and they recognise it’s now time for change.
Suölo® products are available with 50% less salt for the home cook and for the discerning chef. The Suölo® range provides seasoning for all types of home-cooked dishes and contain different natural spices and even seaweed.

Our range

Promote great taste and wellbeing

Home-cooking has also become a major trend in the UK and Europe coming out of COVID-19 and new products that provide great taste with well-being will be a focus for consumers who not only want to satisfy their palate but who also want to improve their health.

Recipe inspiration

Make a difference

Global concern about the over consumption of salt is driving the use of alternatives that have MORE FLAVOUR and LESS SALT. Discover the facts.

Read our Salt Guide

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