Providing more than just flavour – surprising super seaweed adds nutrition too

Providing more than just flavour – surprising super seaweed adds nutrition too

When thinking about salt on food, the primary thought is likely around the flavour it adds, and perhaps some negatives for your health if having too much.  However, a surprising addition to salt can add not just natural flavour enhancement, but also much needed nutrition. 

Seaweed is a forgotten food, which cultures around the world have used in all aspects of the food chain.  However, in Europe and the West, seaweed is making a comeback in a big way.  This is more than just sushi, as seaweed offers a huge amount of nutrition and packs a punch when it comes to flavour too.

Of the around 10,000 species of seaweed globally, there are a few that are used commercially to enhance flavour and boost nutrition.  Suolo® has selected PureSea® organic Hebridean Ascophyllum seaweed due to its sustainability and benefits for flavour as well as providing essential nutrition such as iodine.

Taking each benefit at a time:

  • Flavour enhancement: PureSea® seaweed has natural glutamates and a minerally flavour that complements salt and other foods very well to enhance and balance background flavours.  Along with the Suolo® salts, this gives some really impressive and highly appealing natural flavours to add to your foods.
  • Nutritional enhancement:  The UK, and all of Europe, has serious issues with iodine deficiency.  Studies show the majority of women in the UK are deficient in iodine.  With the primary sources of iodine in decline in the daily diet – being white fish and dairy – seaweed is the ONLY natural, plant-based good source of the key nutrient.  Iodine is essential for supporting normal thyroid health, cognitive health, nervous system, metabolism, skin and the development of children.  Having a convenient way to add this nutrient naturally to your diet through using Suolo® could not be easier (or tastier!)

Seaweed is on trend, with Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and many others highlighting seaweed as a future food, along with celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver, and medical experts such as Dr Michael Mosely highlighting its benefits to address key nutritional and flavour needs.

For more information on PureSea®, please visit

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