Seaweed: Sustainable and Delicious

Seaweed: Sustainable and Delicious

Seaweed is inherently sustainable, requiring no land, freshwater or fertiliser to grow, which are some of the key issues around the sustainability of terrestrial farming.

In addition, seaweed generally is an incredibly fast growing plant, acting as a highly effective carbon sink, therefore pulling CO2 from the atmosphere, and even ensuring nutrients in the seawater are not excessive. For this reason, seaweed has been discussed extensively as part of COP26 recently - it offers solutions to some of our biggest challenges of climate change, sustainability, and essential nutrition. PureSea® seaweed, is a sustainable and carefully monitored supply, with licence from the Crown Estate, which ensures the quality, safety and nutrition of every batch. The farming methods have been developed to allow for large volumes to be sustainably wild harvested, and processed in a way that results in the gold-standard of seaweed ingredients. These seaweed ingredients are supplied into the largest food companies in the world and deliver on the seaweed trends, nutrition and flavour benefits.

PureSea® seaweed is used in Suölo® Reduced Sodium Sea Salt, Black Pepper & Seaweed and a single portion not only provides great umami taste but also provides 22% of your reference daily intake of iodine. With 50% less sodium compared to regular salt Suölo® really does provide great taste with well-being.

More good reasons to change to Suölo®!

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