Suölo® selected by Holland & Barrett as part of their

Suölo® selected by Holland & Barrett as part of their "Food that Loves you Back" campaign

Smart Salt Retail Ltd is delighted to announce that Suölo®, a 50% Reduced Sodium Sea Salt, is now available at Holland & Barrett, the UK’s leading health and well-being stores.

Suölo® which was developed from an increasing desire for great tasting and healthy ingredients for home and restaurant cooking, has been chosen as one of their flagship products for their newly re-vamped retail outlets.

The revamped selection features over 500 new items which can be shopped by wellness need or specialist diet.

Holland & Barrett’s “Food that Loves you Back” campaign has been designed to make wellness a way of life for everyone, by starting with the foods we eat.

Suölo® provides a new product focus for consumers who not only want food to taste good but who also want to improve their health by reducing salt intake.  The global concern around the over-consumption of salt in our foods is creating demand for alternative seasonings such as Suölo® that have more flavour and less salt.

Suölo® Reduced Sodium Sea Salt is the perfect replacement for salt in all types of foods and as a kitchen staple provides a simple solution to reduce salt intake as it tastes and handles just like salt. It has great taste with well-being. Consumer focus groups have agreed and said:

“Very good quality sea salt.  It’s like normal salt but slightly better”

“ All the cooking I do will benefit from this sea salt”.

Coming soon at Holland & Barrett is Suölo® Reduced Sodium Sea Salt and Black Pepper.  This combination of ingredients is a chef’s classic and perfect for the astute home cook or discerning chef. Consumer focus groups have said:

“Good balance of saltiness and pepper”

“It’s perfect, will only need one shaker rather than separate salt and pepper”.

 All Suölo® Reduced Sodium Sea Salt seasonings can be used in all types of cooking or at the table. So go on, be good to yourself and release your inner gourmet! It’s time to change to Suölo°, now available from your local Holland & Barrett and on-line.

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