Suölo® Inspired Recipes

Using Suölo® Reduced Sodium Sea Salt in baking and cooking is easy - just use as you would regular salt. This means that you can use in all your favourite dishes for everyday cooking but still reduce your sodium intake from salt by half without any changes in taste. It couldn’t be simpler. 

But what we know is that Suölo® seasonings have more to offer in terms of taste enhancement and the delivery of a real gourmet experience.   

Joshua Boucher, a professional chef and gourmand has created some amazing recipes for us using Suölo® seasonings that really show-case their scope and flavour possibilities.  These recipes demonstrate the versatility of Suölo® seasonings and the use of chef techniques such as fermentation, marinating, rubs and ceviche for main meals and the use in salted caramels or chocolates for dessert. We are sure that these recipes will inspire you to be creative in your own kitchen,  always in the knowledge that you will get great taste with well-being. 

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