Iodised Salt: Suölo® and Seaweed a Healthy Combination

Iodised Salt: Suölo® and Seaweed a Healthy Combination

Research indicates that people are struggling to meet the necessary iodine levels in their diet for good health.

Iodine is an essential trace element that our body needs to make thyroid hormones. It has the vital functions of maintenance of brain function and development, controlling energy –yielding metabolism, maintenance of normal skin and bone and the growth of children.

When iodine is insufficient in the diet this can lead to a condition known as hypothyroidism which is also more commonly known as an underactive thyroid. The common symptoms of hypothyroidism are weight gain, fatigue, brittle hair and nails. During pregnancy more iodine is needed in the diet for foetal brain development. Iodine is so important for brain development that iodine deficiency is regarded as the world’s single greatest cause of preventable brain damage in children.

The UK has concerning levels of iodine deficiency and has worse rates than some developing countries. The deficiencies are particularly prevalent in woman and girls.

As the body is unable to make iodine it must be obtained through diet and good natural sources are fish, milk and seaweed. With the growing move toward plant-based diets iodine deficiency becomes a bigger concern. Vegan diets are at particular risk compared to those consuming a mixed diet.

The UK is one of the few countries who have not made a switch to iodised salt. More than 100 countries throughout the world use iodized salt to combat iodine deficiency including Australia, China, Germany, The Netherlands and the USA. In these countries salt is used as a vehicle for fortification, normally with potassium iodate.

The good news is that with Suölo® Reduced Sodium Sea Salt, Black Pepper and Seaweed you can season meals with 50% less sodium than regular salt while giving your meal a boost of iodine from a totally natural and sustainable plant source. Infact a 1.5g serving of Suölo® Reduced Sodium Sea Salt, Black Pepper and Seaweed provides 22% of the adult daily recommended intake of iodine. Suölo® are partnered with Seaweed & Co who produce PureSea® Natural Organic Hebridean Ascophyllum Seaweed. PureSea® is used to provide umami notes with the salty taste of Suölo® Reduced Sodium Sea Salt. They make a great combination, bringing a savoury richness through Suölo® seasonings in your food, and the added health benefit of natural iodine.

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