The Suölo® Story

The Suölo® Story

Suölo®, a new gourmet salt range, was created out of a consumer demand for great tasting but healthy and natural ingredients* and the increasing desire to cook healthy foods from scratch at home.

Great taste with well-being are values at the heart of all Suölo® products reflecting the Nordic health philosophy to help the body find its natural balance. Inspiration for this new product development has come directly from the successful salt reduction initiatives in Finland. In the late 1970s, Finland had an extremely high rate of deaths caused by cardiovascular disease and other high blood pressure related illnesses. The Finnish diet, at that time, was heavily salt based and it was estimated that the average daily intake of salt was 12g/day (the WHO recommends 5g/day). So, Finland’s National Nutrition Council initiated a salt reduction campaign to look at ways to reduce salt in food manufacture and home use. This in turn led to the development of salt alternatives which were lower in sodium and contained essential minerals, potassium and magnesium. These minerals are known to have a positive effect on blood pressure.

Since this initiative was launched, per capita salt consumption, in Finland, has decreased to less than 9g/day, coronary heart disease and stroke mortality have decreased by over 75% and life expectancy has increased, on average, by over 5 years.

The original Finnish salt alternatives have been developed further to provide an improvement in taste and well-being through Smart Salt® mineral technology and have resulted in a range of Suölo® seasonings based on 50% reduced sodium sea salt. Smart Salt® has powered the development of all Suölo® seasonings.

In the UK today, the average intake for salt is above the recommended maximum of 6g/day at around 8.4g/day. Recognising that salt reduction is important to improve the health of the nation, Public Health England have provided voluntary salt targets for food manufacturers. The NHS and charities such as the British Heart Foundation also actively encourage consumers to compare food labels and other ways to reduce salt intake.

Suölo® Seasonings are distinctive because they use Smart Salt® sodium reduction technology and not only taste great but also provide essential magnesium and potassium with 50% less sodium. 

Suölo® Seasonings are innovative because they use a balance of minerals with sea salt to produce a 50% reduced sodium seasoning salt for home and restaurant cooking in 4 flavour varieties, while supporting Action on Salt’s call to action for “ More Flavour, Less Salt”.

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